Online Business tools for small business

You probably judge a handyman by the size of his toolbox.

It is exactly the same as online business tools for small businesses.

If the toolbox is big enough, as a client you rest assured that the handyman can accomplish any task without the need to run around like a headless chicken. 

The number of tools you use to run your small business and their quality determines your level of success.

But with Millions of online business tools for small businesses on the market, where does one even begin? Where are you going to start? There are both great and useless online business tools, free and paid Online business tools to start with.

In this article, I am going to share some of the online business tools for small businesses. These are your must-have business tools. If you want to start a business read How to start a business fast.

Some of the online business tools might sound familiar or obvious to some people but they are important and useful particularly to someone who wants to start an online business in 2021.

Here are some of the online business tools you need to run a successful business in 2021

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1. Website

man designing a website for his business

As John Tibane said, “You can not be a king by sitting on another man’s throne”. You can not build a strong business depending on other social media platforms. You need your own throne. 

When running an online business you need your online business premise or your online home. That is your website. Whether You run a service-based business or you sell physical products, having your own website is a must. 

It is now easier to own a website than it was 10 or 20 years ago. With Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, anyone with an internet connection can create their own website. But I understand that not everyone will have the patience, time and skill to create their own website. 

That is where our Digital Agency comes into play. The Ola 7 Digital Agency is your one-stop-shop for all your Web Design, SEO and Digital Marketing needs. At Ola 7 we love helping small businesses. Visit this page and drop your details, our team will be happy to assist you.

For your website to be created you will need a domain name and Web Hosting. You can get both here on our website. Get your domain and Web Hosting here. 

You will also need a theme for your website. 

Depending on your budget and needs, You can use either a free theme which you can get from the WordPress repository or a paid theme which you can get from Marketplaces like Themeforest.

Now that you have built your online home, it’s time to get some communication tools that will enable you to get in touch with all stakeholders in your business.

2. Phone

Business owner getting a phone

While this sounds obvious you will be amazed to see how many people still use their personal phone numbers for business. One rule of thumb to run a successful business is, “never mix business with pleasure”. 

Keep your business assets separate from your personal assets. Your phone is no exception. You do not want your customers to call you during awkward hours. Adding a phone service can help you efficiently manage calls with customers.

There are plenty of Business phone service providers that enable you to make and receive phone calls from anywhere in the world. This means you get a landline number that you can use with a mobile app on your smartphone to make and receive calls over the internet, known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). 

VoIP is a cost-effective way to make and receive calls. 

Some of the best business Phone service providers include Euphoria. They have phone solutions that match your business. 

It is easy to apply for your phone solutions from Euphoria. You just need to click here and then enter this code: Ola62776 on the 1st and second fields of that form and then enter your details and hit submit.

3. Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing services

As they say, “the money is in the email list”. When you are running an online business you need to be in contact with your customers. The cheapest and effective way of doing that is email marketing. 

Just pause for a moment and think about how many emails you receive from different companies. Tens, Hundreds or even thousands of emails per day. 


Because email marketing works.

You might not like to receive emails but that is where the money is. 

Email marketing is the key online business tools for small business.

There are great email marketing services that allow you to send email campaigns to your customers. There are dozens of them actually but I am only going to share 3 of the best with you. These include:

  • ConvertKit: Convertkit is the darling to seasoned online entrepreneurs like bloggers, Marketers and Content creators.
  • Get Response: The best way to get in touch and to stay in touch with your customers. The email delivery of Get Response is stable and you can create Landing Pages, conversion funnels and automate your entire marketing process.
  • Aweber. If you want to test the waters of what email marketing is all about then Aweber is your go-to. They have a great free option where you do not need to submit your credit card to get started.

4. Video Conferencing tools

Video conferencing tools

Whether you need to chat with your clients or your team across the board, Video conferencing can reduce the need for in-person communication. With online business tools like Zoom or Loom, You can communicate with people from anywhere in the world. 

Zoom increased its popularity during the lockdown as more people wanted to find the best ways to connect with friends and family. 

Zoom is a must have online business tool for small businesses

5. Noise-cancelling Online Business Tools For Small Businesses

Due to the pandemic, more and more people are now working from home and we all know that working from home can be difficult especially when you have young kids who might not understand the importance of silence during your working hours. 

To cement this, here is a hilarious video I came across some weeks back.  

Kids can make noise and interrupt your call while you are about to close a Million Dollar deal. 

To avoid that you need a Noise cancellation tool like Krisp, an award-winning AI tool that eliminates your background noise like magic. It works on mobile and on your computer as well. 

Now that you have your communication tools. Let’s get more online business tools for small business. 

6. QR Code Generator

QR Code generator

You might need to embed your website links on your products but those links are very difficult to remember for the customer. 

The best way would be to embed a QR code on your products packages or on your website so that when your customers scan the QR code they can be redirected to the relevant page.

QR Code generators like Beaconstac can enable you to create QR codes that you can use both online and offline. This is a great way to be in front of your customers. 

You can also use QR codes on Webinars, Videos, and anywhere. The sky’s the limit with QR codes. 

QR code generators are unique online business tools for small business and can skyrocket your marketing if used correctly.

7. File Sharing Online Business Tools for Small Businesses. 

Cloud storage has become a central key to running online businesses. This is where all your digital assets will be stored. 

File sharing services like Google Drive and Dropbox enables you to store files and share them with your team and customers. 

Documents, Images, Zip files, videos and anything digital can be stored and shared with ease. This makes it easy to collaborate with anyone you want to give permission to view or work on the files of your choice. 

Online business tools for small businesses like Google drive are free yet so powerful and if you are not using them, then start today.

8. Project Management and organizational tools

Project management online tools for small businesses

Managing projects can be a hassle if your team is distributed. Even if you are a one man business, managing projects can be a challenge too. 

Luckily there are great tools that enable you to run a successful business regardless of how large your team is.

  • Asana. This is a sweetheart Software to many business owners and project managers.

You can add all the details of the project into Asana. Assign who is doing what and the deadlines that the project must be completed by. With Asana nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Trello. When you want to see the workflow of any project at any time, then Trello is your go-to. Trello works similar to Asana but Trello is a lot more simplified. 
  • Slack. Forget about sending emails back and forth to your team and start using Slack. This is a robust communication tool that keeps everything organized and anyone knows exactly what is happening. Slack is for work. It’s like having the entire company in your own hand.
  • Evernote. Take notes on the go, save those links, blog posts and other online pages as full articles and access them on your computer or mobile wherever you are. Evernote is my favourite not taking App. You can also share your notes with your team and the entire world.

9. Accounting Software. 

Sage is a robust accounting software that has all the bells and whistles for you to run your business while keeping the numbers on track. 

With Sage, you can Manage invoicing, cash flow, tax, payments and more from any device, through the cloud.

Gone are the days of creating complicated spreadsheets to manage your accounting. With the latest accounting software you will have the privilege of doing everything under one roof. 

10. Graphic Design Software

When you need to spice up your social media posts and images to convey your message to your audience, Graphic designing goes a long way. 

Back in the day, there was no need for you to need graphic design tools in your tool box because there was no social media. The online world was dead. But that changed. Everyone is online so your tool box gotta change too. 

Canva allows you to create any type of graphics, be it your Youtube thumbnails, Social media images, Website banners, postcards, PDF designs or anything that you can think of. 

With Canva the sky’s the limit. You can create anything that you want from your computer or mobile phone as well. 


I am sure these are the basic online business tools for small businesses. In today’s digital world one must capitalize on the available tools to run a successful business.

Obviously, I might have left some important online business tools for small businesses, so feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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