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In this world where Video is king, where branding and customer-centricity are key drivers of any successful online business. Businesses are left with nothing other than finding the best tools that help them deliver their videos in a way that best suits the customer and the brand. In this Presto Player review, I am going to introduce you to Presto Player, the new WordPress video player on the market.

In this Presto Player review, you will learn how Presto Player can help you in your business, why you need Presto player, The features that are in Presto player, the people behind Presto Player, The difference between the free Presto Player and Presto Player Pro and ultimately I will show you the best price deal to get Presto Player. 

Now that you know what this Presto Player review is all about, for transparency purposes I must let you know that this article may contain affiliate links. Which means if you click and make a purchase I will earn a small commission. 

Its time to get the party started. Lights, Camera Action. Let’s dive straight into the Presto Player review. 

What is Presto Player?

Whati is Presto player
Presto Player Home Page

Presto player is the new WordPress based video and audio player plugin. Not the same old player that you are used to but the one that can increase conversions, engagement and bring your brand right in front of your users. 

Created by Adam Preiser from WPcrafter, a veteran Youtuber who is also known for his popular WordPress Plugin CartFlows and Andre Gagnon another veteran developer behind Project huddle and DocketWP. Presto player is a complete video player that comes out of the box with private video, chapters, multiple sources, dozens of integrations and more.

Youtube and Presto Player

If you have been using Youtube hosted videos, to sell your products on your website or to run your video training and courses, you will agree that Youtube was specifically not built for all that. But unfortunately we have lived with that for too long. 

Needless to say, Youtube is very destructive by design and that is the problem that Presto player is trying to solve. 

1st of all there is that stubborn Youtube branding that you can not do anything about. 

2ndly When your video ends, Youtube will recommend other peoples videos and before you knew it, your users have clicked and are already watching Trevor Noah or Ketty Perry’s video. 

If this video was on your sales page it simply means you lost a customer all because of uncle Youtube’s destruction mechanism that works against you. 

3rd, Loading a Youtube video slows down the performance of your website.

But that was before Presto Player came. With Presto Player, you are in complete control. All the above problems are a thing of the past now your videos can have your own branding, they can load faster, the recommended videos will be your own videos and you can control how you want your videos to play. 

Vimeo and other solutions and Presto Player

Of course, there are other video solutions like Vimeo and Wistia that can remove your branding and you can get video hosting services but truth be told. Those platforms are expensive.

You gotta pay good bucks for your videos to be hosted on Vimeo plus you will not get the same features. Whereas Presto player is dead cheap. 

In fact, Presto Player has an early bird soft launch going on right now where you can get a lifetime deal for as cheap as $179 for 25 websites. Not per year but Lifetime. It means you will only pay once and get all the cool features and updates of Presto Player now and forever. Until you stop babe! 

Who is Presto Player For? 

Difference between Presto player free and Presto player pro

I should be clear in this Presto Player review. In life in general, not everything is for everyone. The same applies to Presto player. If you are a course creator who depends on the videos you create for your students then Presto Player is for you. 

You are a Marketer or if you have a website where you sell your products and services with the aid of video then Presto Player s for you. 

If you are a Marketing Agency or Freelance Web Designer or Digital Marketer then  Presto Player is for you as you can install it on multiple websites and maybe sell it as an add-on to your clients or package it in your services.

When you are a company that wants to cement your brand and nature your customers then also Presto player is for you. 

But if your business does not depend on video then sure Presto Player is not for you and you shouldn’t be here anyway. But if you are here it probably means Presto player is for you. So let’s get to the features that make up this new plugin in this Presto Player review. 

Presto Player Features

Picture of a Dart Board and some darts on it

Presto player is the difference between success and failure. Its the video player that every creator has been arguably waiting for. 

Umm ain’t that fluttery Prince? Well, let’s see the features together. Let’s start with the cool one.

The ability to serve private video.

With Presto player, you can securely serve private videos with a few clicks. This means you can serve private video URLs to authorized customers only with minimal configuration. This is great for private coaching, one on one business models and more. 

Use Videos from Multiple Sources.

You can use videos from Youtube, Vimeo, self-hosted in your WordPress Website Media Library, Bunny Net and more. How this would work for a Youtube video for example. It will be wrapped into Presto player and the Youtube video settings and branding will become the slave while the Presto Player settings become the master. 

This means you have control over your Youtube video settings. Depending on the presets that you choose, your user might never realize that the video is playing from Youtube or Vimeo.

Learner Controls.

Specifically designed controls just for learners, including playback speed, quick rewind/fast-forward, picture-in-picture, and video chapters. This is so great if you are a course creator. Your students will love the versatility.


Presto Player works well with Gutenberg and all page builders including Elementor. Out of the box compatibility with Learndash, Lifter LMS and Tutor LMS. More native widgets with other page builders like Breezy, Beaver Builder, Divi and Oxygen will be added. 

Playback Speed

Users can set playback speed and their settings are remembered between videos and watch sessions.

Lazy loading.

We used to know Lazy loading on Images only but seeing it on video is something cool. Presto player comes with Integrated lazy-loading that makes your site extremely fast.

Sticky Player.

We have seen Facebook, Youtube and all these video obsessed platforms launch sticky videos that keep on playing even when you are scrolling on the page. Why do they do that? Because it keeps you longer on the site, it is just a great user experience and it drives conversions and increases watch time. Now you have the opportunity to do all that on your own website with Presto Player. 

Video Chapters.

Easy navigation for your videos with chapters. Chapters are just sweet. They just make sense to users with a straight to the point approach or to students viewing your courses.

Integrated Analytics

Self-hosted and Google analytics lets you see view time, watch time, audience retention and more. Integration

Easily serve public and private videos with Presto Players 1-click integration. is that sweet video hosting plan, seeing it integrating with Presto Player is the cherry on top. 


The ability to add your logo to appear on all the videos on your website is awesome. Presto player allows you to add your logo and brand colours in the global player branding options. This brings a uniform look to all the videos on your site which is great for branding.

If you care much about branding and having outstanding videos I encourage you to learn more about Viddyozze. The best video animation software on the market.

There is more to Presto Player and some of the features are beyond the scope of this Presto Player review. Presto player is backed by developers who are content creators themself that means more features will be added as we go so keep your eyes pilled. 

The Difference Between Presto Player Free and Presto Player Pro. 

The difference between Presto player free and Presto Player pro

This Presto player review details much about Presto Player pro because the free version does not have much. Like all the free WordPress plugins available in the WordPress repository the free Presto Player plugin lacks the bells and whistles that makes up a huge difference. 

In the free version, you can not add your brand colours and Logo. You can not access analytics. You can not add your own presets. Also, you can not add chapters to your videos. 

Most of the sweet features are pro features available only on Presto player pro. 

Presto Player Pro Price Plans.

Presto Player Prices

Didn’t you stummer when you were reading the subtitle above? Too many P’s right?

Anyway let’s continue with this Presto Player review.

Presto player pro has 3 price plans and they are packaged distinctively. 

There is the Presto Player pro 1 site which is going for only $69 per year until the 22nd of February This plan can only be used on one website. As of now, i do not know how much will it be when they increase their prices on the 23rd of February as soon as the Soft launch early bird access is over. 

The 2nd price plan is the Presto player Pro for 25 websites which is going for only $99 a year. This plan can be used on 25 websites.

The 3rd price plan is the Presto Player Lifetime deal for 25 websites as well. This plan is going for only $179. This price is a special launch discount. As said earlier i do not know how much can this cost when the discount is over. 

Presto player is very affordable compared to other video solutions like Vimeo or Wistia. Getting Presto player at these current prices is a steal.

If branding is your thing and your business depends on video then do not think twice. Get Presto Player now while it’s still cheap because we do not know what the future holds. 

What Are The Cons.

Pros and cons of Presto Player

I can hear you saying, “Okay, Prince. You have been singing praises for Presto Player and i get it, but does it have some cons and what are they?”

Let this Presto player review give us the cons. Like anything in life, there should be some cons even to this new Presto player plugin. 

Available only for WordPress. That means if you use wix, Shopify, Squarespace or any other CMS, then Presto player is not for you. 

Native widgets are only available for Guternberg and Elementor only. That means if you use any other page builder you will not enjoy as much as the Elementor and Guternberg users.

Not much features on the free version. 

There is no middle standard plan. If you have more than one website but less than 25 websites you are just forced to buy the 25 websites plan. It would be nice to have something in between for example a plan for 10 websites with a lower price. 


Let me wrap up this Presto Player review by saying, Adam and Andre have done a great job in bringing such a nifty tool on the market. 

Many creators will love Presto Player plugin which I consider the best video player for WordPress so far. It has the capacity to drive conversions on your website. As it removes all the Youtube distractions that we were patient for while they killed conversions right under our nose.

Like anything new, we are going to see a lot of changes in a short space of time. And those changes will benefit the users immensely. 

Thanks to the generous yearly and lifetime plans that guarantee users will enjoy the changes and updates at any stage.  

I will be happy to know your thoughts in the comments below about this Presto Player review. What do you think about Presto player?

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